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Welcome to the Brisbane Writers’ Group. Established in 2011 it is still going strong. We have over 1200 members, who all share one objective – that is to write. Some members are just starting out, others have had their work published and still others are somewhere in between.

What we do

Regular feedback meetings are held in both the Queensland State Library in South Brisbane and the Brisbane Square Library. At these meeting we have guest speakers, talented published local authors who are willing to share their knowledge and time. You also have the opportunity to share your writing and get feedback from other members. See our meetings page for more details.

Writing Space

Knowing you should just knuckle down and write is often difficult in a home situation where distractions abound. To help you out, a weekly writing space is available in the State Library as well as a regular Write-a-thon in the Brisbane Square Library.

No matter what kind of writing you do, be it stories, scripts, poetry, essays or articles and want to connect with others with the same passion, you will be welcome.


These are held during the year at the Brisbane Square Library and are an opportunity to spend time just writing. Dates will be posted to Facebook and sent in the monthly newsletter.

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